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quilted bags and totes

Model Product Image Item Name Price
Pattern #1201 A Cute Bag

A Cute Bag

A Cute Bag, is made the same on both sides, only the zippers are a different color. The zippered section of the bag and the curved fabric below the...


Pattern#1602 Cargo Pocket Bag

Cargo Pocket Bag



Pattern #0902 Carry A Long bag

Carry A Long bag

A deep bag that allows you to carry along most anything.


Pattern #0903 Grab N Go Tote

Grab N Go Tote

The Grab N Go Tote is a large size tote handy for carrying a quilt or quilt supplies. The wooden dowels help the tote hold its shape. It also has a...


Pattern #1502 Jeweled Tote Bag

Jeweled Tote Bag

Two large inner pockets and an easy sew-in recessed zipper to keep your essentials handy! Note: Not suitable for directional fabric.


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